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Enjoying Festivals on a Budget

Great news! It’s festival season. A great opportunity to experience culture or just enjoy the gatherings, the colors and the food. But there is always the cost factor. How much will it cost? and should I spend all this money just on a having fun. The answer is yes! yes you should spend this money on having “fun” because it helps you experience new things in life, it helps you meet new people and it help you grow as person. Let me tell you another thing, it doesn’t have to cost you fortune to visit such simple things as festivals if you take the following steps and plan your trip in advance.


Seasoned travelers will tell you that any place where you can sleep (safely) is a good place to stay for the night. Accommodation doesn’t have to expensive, all you have to do is just sleep there because all the fun stuff is out there and not in here.

People who regularly go to festivals of all kinds tell you that all you need is a tent. Set it up in a reasonable place and you are good to go. Check online and in your local outdoors equipment shop for a cheap tent, you are not going into the Antarctic or the Sahara so just buy something that will save you from rain and the winds. Go for a tent that has these qualities and is the cheapest. Or if you want to save even more money, than you might want to consider asking your outdoorsy friends for their tent. Most of the time people are willing to help, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems here.


Advance Booking

Whether you are travelling by train, bus or a horse carriage (if you are into horses I guess) it’s a good idea to book your tickets well in advance. Once the travelling season hits the prices are going to sky rocket. Book your tickets a couple of weeks before the wave of travelers hits the market. At the peak of the season, train tickets were being sold at £150 but luckily I had booked it in advance so I only had to pay $60. Be smart travelling to festivals doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

The Shoe Shopping

You don’t need different shoes for different occasions if you are going to a festival. All you need is one pair. Just make sure it is comfortable enough so you can wear it all day long every single day. If you are going frugal then flip flops are also a good idea because they are very cheap but I wouldn’t recommend it because they are not meant to be worn in such huge gathering. They can break easily and if someone steps on your feet (trust me a bunch of people will) they will be totally vulnerable to other people’s shoes, boots etc. worst case scenario your nail will pop out and you will have to go the emergency room with a bleeding foot (talking from experience and not a pleasant one). So just wear something that will cover your entire foot, it doesn’t have to be expensive or stylish.


If you are planning to take your brand new iPhone, Note Edge or any other expensive smartphone with you than you might want to consider getting it insured because it is very is easy to lose it in the crowd.

Getting insurance for your smartphone is not that difficult. Some of the large banks or home and car insurers often offer free smartphone insurance. Just don’t forget to read the fine print.



If you have ever been to a festival then you know it’s huge. They are spread of acres of land with lots and lots of people, so it is easy to get lost. Since, this the age of smartphones let’s use them for something besides taking a picture of our food and posting it on twitter. Install a navigation (map) app and use it to get to the places you want, just remember not to lose it.


The wonders of Volunteer work

We all know festivals are huge events and masses of people are drawn to it. Tickets are really hard to get and if you are not smart then you might find yourself scammed by someone is selling the tickets in black. In the end, you are left standing in a queue that can easily go around the world twice.

Luckily, there is an easier way. Many festivals offer free access for volunteers working in charity. If you become one of them not only will you be helping people but you will also get free and easy access into the festival that you have been dying to get in.


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