Witness and Experience Art for Free

According to the beautiful words of Pablo Picasso art helps in ‘washing the dust of daily life off our souls’. There is nothing better than wiping off the dust off your soul but if there something is then it is doing that for free. Below are some tips that can help you watch art for free.

Free Visits to Art Galleries
Below are some Art Galleries from Britain that offer free entry. The list includes both classical as well as contemporary pieces on display.
– Walker Art Gallery – Liverpool
– Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery – Birmingham
– The Tate Modern – London
– Brighton Museum & Art Gallery – Brighton
– Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art – Edinburgh
– Nottingham Contemporary – Nottingham
– Kettle’s Yard – Cambridge
– Arnolfini – Bristol
– National Museum Cardiff – Cardiff

There might an entry fees for some specials exhibitions being held at these art galleries.

Art Exhibitions at Colleges
Art exhibitions are arranged at most art colleges where the art contributions by students are exhibited. Such events allow students to showcase their abilities to their parents and the school faculty as well as local press. All of the events of such kind are usually free.
You can witness the new generation’s approach to words art in such exhibition. Just because these art projects come from fresh minds that do it for the sake of fun and learning, you will be able to find unique and creative approach towards various art forms that you would not find in a gallery set by the work of an experienced artist who does that for a living.

Art Memberships
If you visit art galleries on a regular basis then spending some money on a National Art Pass would be worth the price. You can get an annual pass for £57 per person. You get a subscription to Art Quarterly and free access to more than 200 historic houses and art galleries across the Great Britain. You also get a discount on entry passes to any special exhibitions, gift shops and cafés.

Volunteer Work
Most art galleries run on limited funds and that is the reason why they’re always looking for people who could volunteer for some minor tasks. Being a volunteer can be a great way into the world of arts. You can also get free invitations to various art exhibitions by being a part of the team. Your volunteer services can also turn into a full-time job if you work hard enough. The possibilities are enormous!


Organizing A Successful Poker Charity Event

Are you a volunteer in an organization? If yes, I salute you for that. What you are doing right now is a great public service because numerous people often think that volunteering on such organizations with a mission to help others is a waste of time. But you, here you are looking for ways to raise money for your good intentions.

Let me help you with that. If you want an event that will attract the crowd, why not organize a charity poker event? First, many people love playing poker and last, its proven effective by many volunteers like you. The best thing about this event is that you have options.

You can organize a tournament or cash game session and you can make it an invitational event or open it to the public for more participants. But, that my friend depends on your available tables and on the venue.

Before we go on, let us tackle the difference between tournaments and cash games.

When it comes to a poker tournament, it is best if you’ll plan the event ahead of time to ensure that the event will run the way you want it. With all the participants sitting down, it is wise if you can speak to them and talk about the night beneficiaries.

Tips for this type of poker charity event:

  1. Assign an area where the participants can pay their entry fee and table assignments.
  2. Remember to ask your co-volunteers to assist 1 table each for the setup, general management and for cleanup.
  3. As you set things up, make sure to double check the chip stacks before all the players have sat down.
  4. Make sure to prepare both a blind structure and a prize structure in advance. Make use of a projector for the tournament information.

Cash Games

This option is said to be a lot simpler as each hand is raked with a pre-defined percentage of the pot. The monies collected will be gathered together at the end of the event to be donated to charity. The best thing about this event is that it only requires less micromanagement as the evening goes by.

Tips for this type of poker games:

  1. Make sure that they are 2 decks of cards on each table and make sure that your co-volunteers are ready to deal and shuffle.
  2. Assign someone to collect the money on each table to make sure that he is trustworthy.
  3. Make sure to set-up some rules for both minimum and maximum buy-ins.

What are you waiting for? Choose the kind of event you want to organize and from there, be surprised on the huge amount your event can raise.


Why Companies Give Away Free Samples

You might be wondering why companies give out all those free samples, we spoke to Karen from Mega Free Stuff which is a free stuff UK company that offers free samples and they told us the answers. Ever since the internet began rising in popularity, free samples have become more available than ever. In this article, we are going to look at the objectives companies want to achieve when they offer free samples.

Free Samples Encourage Brand Uncertainty

Organizations try to get people to switch form their normal brands, to the one that is offering then free samples. The objective in such a case is to get customers to start using and start paying for their products on a regular basis and drive them away from the previous products.

Free Samples Increase Customer Base

Most companies know that by giving free samples, they will eventually improve their customer base. What happens is that when a potential customer tries their product or service for free, they may like so much that they could be willing to buy the full-sized one for a long period.

Free Samples Also Build Brand Awareness

This promotion type is usually designed to promote a new product or service that has just been released into the market. Ideally, it may be used for well established product to create even more awareness and motivate the existing customers to keep using it. Ideally, companies may prolong the giveaways to attract more customers. Also, this is often an economic way of promoting or advertising a product in the long run and the loyalty will be boosted as customers who have received the free sample are more likely to be appreciative and will continue to use the product in the future.

Free Samples Also Allow Companies To Collect Data From Consumers

This is actually an added advantage to companies. Giving away free samples of their product gives them a chance to get facts and figures or what the customer thinks about their products. So, it is important to be aware that when you sign up for freebies, your information may be added to the company’s database and it is possible that they will send you extra promotional items or packages based on your preferences to the free samples.

The data the companies collect from prospective customers helps them improve on their products and make adjustments to give people what they actually want. This will in turn improve their sales and so it is often a win win situation.

Bottom line is that, by offering free samples, freebies and free stuff, companies are often aiming to market their products. If it is a new product in the market, then the free sample giveaway is at a pre-market stage but it also plays a major role in the entire commercialization of the product.

This type of marketing has many benefits compared to other forms of promotions and since the samples are free, it diminishes the organization’s marketing expenses. Furthermore, it is effective as the free samples introduce the products directly to the potential customers who are likely to buy the product on regular basis.


Come Up with a Viral Fundraising Campaign, How?

Last 2014, everybody was fascinated with a viral fundraising video. Can you still remember the Ice Bucket College? That viral video was a huge not only one country but it has thousands of versions around the world. The best part is the viral video was created with a greater purpose and for charitable reasons.

After that, every organization has been thinking of making the next viral fundraising video. But, it does not mean that it is the only viral fundraising video that succeeded. Numerous viral campaigns have found success over the past years and that’s all thanks to the presence of the Internet. At the present, the trendies when it comes fundraising are the poker gambling game tournament. Many organizations have been using it to turn a boring fundraising event to a night your guests won’t forget as it is full of fun, excitement and is very entertaining everyone who attended will have a great time.

If you are planning to make a viral fundraising campaign about poker tournament, you should take note of the following:

1. Simplicity is the key to your campaign message

As you create a message for your viral campaign, make sure that the message is simple and easily understood by all. If the campaign message is hard to explain, it won’t spread that fast, but, if the message is simple, many people show interest in your campaign.

2. It should include the word “ask”

In my opinion, the Ice Bucket challenged was a great success due to its international exposure and to the thousands of people who take the challenge. In your case, your goal is to raise funds and not ask people to take the challenge. If you want the public to take you seriously, you must ensure that your campaign is asking for the donation and each participant.

3. Ask only for a small amount

If you want your viral campaign to be the talk of the town, ask for a reasonable amount of donation. If you ask the public to donate $150, they will find it hard to donate such huge amount and pass it on friends. Donation ranging $5 to $25 is enough.

4. The campaign should contain a “Hook”

What is a hook? You can say that it’s something in your campaign that is fun and shareable. For instance, the Ice Bucket challenge’s hook is that after the challenge, the participant is able to choose 2-3 people that will take the challenge. For a poker fundraising video, you can ask your friends to play poker with you and once someone loses; he or she should be replaced by someone else without breaking the chain of the game.

5. Aim for superb visuals

The final ingredient is that the campaign should have great visuals. This only means that if you want your viral campaign to be viral, it should be easily explained in photos and through videos as well. Believe it or not, your viewers are very much attracted to videos where they can see their friends and family participate.


As you start to create your viral poker fundraising campaign, please keep the following things in mind to ensure that your video will go viral and your mission to raise funds through poker will be a huge success.


The Truth About The Third Sector Organization

Have you heard the term “third sector organization” before? If you are in tuned with the latest happenings in politics and community activities, this is one of the terms that you might encounter a lot. Actually, the term third sector organization refers to the group of people or organizations that either belongs to the public or private sector.

Third Sector Organizations

Voluntary and Community Groups or community groups, co-operatives, mutual organizations, and enterprises belong to the third sector organization. Third sector organizations like Voluntary and Community Groups are independent and value-driven. Though they generate and gain profit, every single cent goes straight to their services and activities to public’s benefit. They may be seen with a stunning status but they stick to their “not-for-personal-profit” method.


TSO is the acronym for third sector organization. TSOs or third sector organizations are allowed to take legal forms. Most groups under the third sector share the same beliefs and goals even though their structured rules may vary. Most TSO’s either contain charitable status, industrial and sensible societies, community interest companies, or co-operatives. In some countries, the government has already established a support to charities which commonly starts by publishing their strategy.

Public Services and the Third Sector Organizations

If you think that communities are the only ones that benefit from the third sector organizations, think again. Even public servants can gain by working with any of the third sector organizations. What are the benefits that they can get? When it comes to that, the answer depends on their geographical areas and implemented policies.

But then again, some of the common subjects of TSO’s benefit to public servants are:

  • Closeness to the Community
  • Mutual Understanding
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Modernism
  • Action
  1. Action – Action in carrying out the activities and services.
  2. Modernism – Modernism in creating solutions to problems and concerns.
  3. Guaranteed Results – Guaranteed results that the public sector can’t accomplish alone.
  4. Mutual Understanding – Mutual understanding of needs between the communities and the public servants which should be addressed by the public sector.
  5. Closeness to the Community – The closeness which the public sector aims to achieve by establishing a connection with communities.

Aside from these, the third sector organizations are also known for their dedication to stand out for people. They speak out for the public to ensure that their needs are addressed without getting bankrupt.

Do you share the same passion with these people? Get in touch with us for more information!

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Career Breaks In Voluntary And Community Groups

For most of us, our career and goals in life are influenced by home and school. Some start to unravel their future plans by completing the puzzle of their life in grade school or high school. Some tend to finish a course in college but end up being successful in another path because of their later experiences in school.

But have you tried to stop and think about the outside world for a while? Have you tried venturing a world outside your home and school to help the community? Voluntary and Community Groups that the Spark Network help promote are just some of the least noticed groups where many people benefit from every year. As a matter of fact, one of the best things that people in these groups get is the ability to build their future plans and receive career breaks.

Volunteering continues to become a life-saving answer for those people who not only feel lost and insecure but also suffer from various mental and physical illnesses. A volunteer works help them find the right path by looking at the bright side of the alley. Whatever is your age, you can volunteer for education, professional advantage, and so much more.

School and College Experiences

11 - Career Breaks in Voluntary and Community Groups

For grade school kids, volunteering boosts their social skills while developing awareness among them. High school students gain extra credits in their college applications for putting their volunteer work in resumes, all the while discovering their hidden talents and passion. Lastly, college students develop new skills and gain more job opportunities even before they graduate.

There’s always a volunteer work that can suit you if want to serve even without paychecks. If someone noticed your involvement in community service, would you miss the chance to accept a great offer? There are unlimited offers out there are waiting for you so grab them as soon as possible!

Job Prospect

12 - Career Breaks in Voluntary and Community Groups

Now that we’re in the 21st century, researchers have found out that some of the most common characteristics of employees are being socially-aware and civic-minded. Because of these, they tend to choose careers that mirror the values they live with. They also tend to put their money, time and skills on charities. In fact, more than 50% of Millenials share their skills to different charities.

However, it is their list of total hours dedicated to volunteer works which made them in-demand in the job market. Being flexible and optimistic became their top assets in many workplaces.

Corporate Communities

13 - Career Breaks in Voluntary and Community Groups

As a growing trend in the world, many companies today are also beginning to support non-profit community groups by creating their own volunteer programs for their employees. Thus, more people become part of this honorable work over the years.

Now, are you thinking about doing volunteer works too in your community? Aside from gaining a bunch of new friends and connection from different industries, volunteering adds color to your back and white life. It adds more fun which can make you feel way younger and energetic. So what are you waiting for? Make a move now and see where your good deeds will lead you in the future!

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