What Do We Volunteer and Community Groups Do?

Are you one of those types of people who prefer to give than to receive? Do you take more pleasure in sharing anything you can afford and help others? With the kind of world that we have right now, you can never tell who will come to your aid when you needed it most. Everyone has a life to live and it’s normal to see people change as they grow. Each person meets a stranger in his/her life that one day will change his/her world.

Voluntary and Community Groups

These strangers are life changing people that live to help others without expecting anything in return. As a group, they are commonly part of voluntary and community groups. They can be rooted to help local communities only or go beyond lands and oceans to reach other countries. Voluntary and Community Group or community group for short is widely known as a group of people who provide different kinds of services for the benefit of the public.


Characteristics of Voluntary and Community Groups

1. Organized

All successful team has a certain rule they follow which goes the same with community groups. They follow their own rules to help them work as one. Community groups usually call their rules “constitution” or “governing document”.

2. Not Profit-Makers

One of the things that Voluntary and Community Groups pride themselves is the fact that they never aim for a profit. They never work for the purpose of gaining profit that will fill their pockets. Instead, they work hard for profit that will be used to aid others who are in need. In most cases, they generate funds for the organization straight from their pockets.

3. Voluntary

Community groups are run by a voluntary management committee who may also rely on the volunteers’ support to accomplish their activities.

4. Independent

Indeed, all members of a community group depend on their set of rules to stay organized. However, they are also self-governing or independent members from other group o organization. They have the right to elect their own set of officer or management committee who will ensure guide each member towards the same goal without depending on other people’s shoulder.

Are you in or out? Though community groups have similar characteristics, their set of rules still vary depending on the specific type of work or activities they plan to carry out.