What Do We Volunteer and Community Groups Do?

Are you one of those types of people who prefer to give than to receive? Do you take more pleasure in sharing anything you can afford and help others? With the kind of world that we have right now, you can never tell who will come to your aid when you needed it most. Everyone has a life to live and it’s normal to see people change as they grow. Each person meets a stranger in his/her life that one day will change his/her world.

Voluntary and Community Groups

These strangers are life changing people that live to help others without expecting anything in return. As a group, they are commonly part of voluntary and community groups. They can be rooted to help local communities only or go beyond lands and oceans to reach other countries. Voluntary and Community Group or community group for short is widely known as a group of people who provide different kinds of services for the benefit of the public.


Characteristics of Voluntary and Community Groups

1. Organized

All successful team has a certain rule they follow which goes the same with community groups. They follow their own rules to help them work as one. Community groups usually call their rules “constitution” or “governing document”.

2. Not Profit-Makers

One of the things that Voluntary and Community Groups pride themselves is the fact that they never aim for a profit. They never work for the purpose of gaining profit that will fill their pockets. Instead, they work hard for profit that will be used to aid others who are in need. In most cases, they generate funds for the organization straight from their pockets.

3. Voluntary

Community groups are run by a voluntary management committee who may also rely on the volunteers’ support to accomplish their activities.

4. Independent

Indeed, all members of a community group depend on their set of rules to stay organized. However, they are also self-governing or independent members from other group o organization. They have the right to elect their own set of officer or management committee who will ensure guide each member towards the same goal without depending on other people’s shoulder.

Are you in or out? Though community groups have similar characteristics, their set of rules still vary depending on the specific type of work or activities they plan to carry out.


Extraordinary Health Benefits of Doing Volunteer Works

Are you looking for a new way to make your time more useful? Perhaps you are planning to do something more worthwhile this weekend than watching a movie? If so, why not dedicate your weekends to volunteer works and check out what Spark Network can offer for your needs?

Worthwhile Weekends

Most of the time, people are drifting aimlessly everywhere without even realizing it. They wake up each day doing the same old thing thinking that they are born for it when in fact, they are wasting their precious time on worthless things. Surely, you might be getting paychecks every month from doing it to make your living. But the important question is, are you happy? Are you really satisfied with what you do every day?

If you think the answer is no, volunteer works that Voluntary and Community Groups can offer might be the answer to your question. Not everyone may enjoy working for free, but for experienced volunteers, what they get in return is more worthy than getting dollar signs. Being a volunteer in a community group can give you tons of benefits that you can ever think of. Specifically, it can provide you with extraordinary health benefits!


As Spark Network and other organizations spread awareness to people, more and more teenagers and young adults are getting the message. By joining as a volunteer worker, they build their self-esteem and eventually, their self-worth. Considering that most teenagers are prone to face a lot of issues regarding self-esteem, non-profit organizations can be a “life-saving” answer.

Upholds Life Longevity

Did you know that keeping both your mental and physical health in check can boost your overall health? Long-term volunteers tend to enjoy longer lives with fewer illnesses. Overall, they are healthier and full of life. As a matter of fact, a report from the National Service says that those volunteers in the U.S. who work more than 100 hours a year are some of the “healthiest people” who live.

Lower Prone to Alzheimer’s disease

For the past ten years, Alzheimer’s disease has become one of the most common diseases that people fear of. Millions of people worldwide fear this disease especially women which is why organizations encourage people to join them. According to a research conducted by the National Service in the U.S. volunteer workers can lower their risk of getting an Alzheimer’s disease.

Aging Gracefully

As volunteers keep in touch with the community and their co-volunteers, they never ran out of activities while they grow older. Keeping in touch with others and being active physically improves the way they see and embrace life.


Volunteering does not only keep volunteers mentally and physically active, it helps them maintain a good shape and feel younger. Just imagine seeing a group of people from different age brackets working and bonding together. The young ones and the old ones exchange experiences, lessons, and wisdom for the sake of helping others and themselves.

If you want to be one of them, join us now!


Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

Providing service doesn’t always mean you intend an incentive in return. Sometimes, providing services without expecting anything in return comes with more pleasure and fulfillment. Just take volunteer works for instance.

Have you tried doing a volunteer work before? If so, how does it feel? For volunteers, the most common thing that they feel afterward can be summed up in one word “fantastic”. Whether helping others is not the usual thing that you love doing, you might be surprised how it can magically lighten up your mood and make you feel appreciated.

Doing volunteer works with Voluntary and Community Groups or other third sector organization helps people to make a difference. No matter how small it is, volunteers and organizations are always warmed by seeing the satisfied faces and smiles of the people or community they helped. A lot of people apply for and accept volunteer works for various reasons. They don’t receive a salary from supporting an activity for a cause or for engaging with the community but they learn many lessons.

Inspiring Lessons from Doing Volunteer Works

1. Building a Community

1 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

One of the first things that you can learn from doing volunteer works is building a community. When you work with other people with the same goal in mind, you help strengthen your community. You also strengthen your social network by connecting with your co-volunteers and the community.

2. Eliminating Isolation

2 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

Isolation and sadness are one of the least things that other sectors are concerned about which is why Spark Network is here. Voluntary and Community Groups encourage everyone to join them help others and eliminate their sadness and isolation at the same time. If you know someone who feels this way, help them reverse it by recommending them to volunteer.

3. Improving Social Life

3 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

Typically, the positive effect of doing volunteer works can be seen right away in the volunteers’ social life. It can help you build a long-term connection with the people you work with all the while improving your physical and mental health. Socializing lowers the risk of developing an anxiety or depression towards volunteers.

4. Encourages Bonding and Friendship

4 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

As you work with other volunteers and the community, you create a stronger bond with them. Whether they are your co-workers, relatives, or just random people with the same goal, you build a connection with them. At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised that you already made tons of friends without even realizing it!

5. Emotional Stability

5 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

The feeling of connection helps a lot in many ways. If you are feeling lost or facing other emotional issues, volunteering can help you focus and find your sense of purpose.

Believe it or not, volunteering can teach you on how to build your self-confidence, and find your self-worth. Imagine waking up for days or weeks without a clear goal or destination in life. Consider these lessons that volunteer works can provide to you and make up your mind.


Advantages of Corporate Volunteer Programs on Companies

With our job schedule and day to day duties, making time for other things can be hard at first. It takes some adjustments to get used to and sometimes a little sacrifice. However, if you would analyze the advantages of fitting volunteer works in your busy schedule, you will realize how it can be a great help to you and your community.

While you help a community, you also help improve your career in the most humble way. Thus, more and more companies are doing their best to develop their own volunteer programs. This way, their employees can also experience the fantastic feeling of dedicating some of their time to help others. At the same time, volunteer programs help companies to maintain their loyal employees and welcome more applicants.

If you want to know more why including corporate volunteer programs add plus points to companies, below are the top reasons why.

Keeping Employees

Good employees stay because they find pride in the company they work in but great employees stay because of the company and the volunteer programs they are involved in to help others. Companies do not only keep great employees but improve their employee engagement rates as well. Over the years, it has been tested and proven that the rates of employee engagement are highly important.

The higher employee engagement is the lower chance that employees will resign. In the long run, companies save more when estimating the total cost they have to shoulder when replacing employees.

Recruiting Employees

Every company wants to attract and hire the best applicants that they can get in the industry. Companies boast themselves with the benefits and bonuses they offer which applicants find cliché. On the other hand, volunteer programs for employees can improve their status in the market. It can attract more applicants who share the same passion for the company and the community which makes them a company asset.

Increasing Purpose of Work

It is typical to see employees enthusiastic and full of energy in their first weeks in work. But are they still the same enthusiastic and optimistic employees after years of doing the same thing every day? Nothing is boring and tiresome if you put your passion in it but everyone needs a little break. Volunteer programs can do that for employees but diverting their attention from other things aside from work and stress.

It allows them to feel that they do not only work for the company or to earn paychecks for their living but also to help in the charitable cause. It also encourages employees to contribute to the company’s success. This positive purpose in employees work affects the companies’ productivity.

Developing Skills

Volunteer programs help employees to develop new skills which also improve their job performance. Thus, many professionals approve of volunteer programs as a way to improve the leadership skills of each employee.

These are the advantages that companies can relish which also works great with employees in various workplaces. Companies who value transparency and social responsibilities also tend to attract more employees who are willing to be involved in volunteer programs.

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