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10 Excellent Thrifty Tips Help You Live Free!

You can enjoy a fun and active lifestyle absolutely free. Whether you want to keep fit, eat out at the best restaurants or enjoy lots of great stuff, our 10 top tips can help you enjoy life for free!

Combine our great tips with a hot new app, LatestFreeStuff, that pulls together all the best deals in free stuff throughout the UK.

1. Go to the gym for free!

Watch for free one day passes to gyms like LA Fitness, The Gym and many more top names. Some of these passes include access to classes as well. If you plan carefully, you can enjoy a session a week at a different gym for free for an unlimited period of time. You can also get double passes from a single gym by signing up with several different email addresses.

2. Get luxurious beauty treatments absolutely free!

You can get some excellent free beauty treatments administered by trainees at the Salon GuineaPig! Take advantage of free offers for:

  • Semipermanent Makeup
  • Waxing
  • Facials
  • Tattoos

Have fun, and walk away a whole new you absolutely free.

3. Have a free cuppa!

Just sign up to get a free loyalty card at Waitrose and IKEA and you can have a cup of tea every day absolutely free. Sign up for John Lewis’ free loyalty card and watch for their free tea vouchers. McDonald’s also offers free tea occasionally. Just download their app.

4. What’s better than a free massage?

When visiting London, be sure to stop in at the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM) to get a free sports massage administered by a trainee. They offer these massages as a way of meeting exam or class requirements. In other areas of the UK, you can visit Salon GuineaPig for a free massage from a trainee.

5. Grab some free clothes!

Clothing and accessory swaps are very popular both online and in the real world. Find a swishing website or join a swishing party to swap clothes with others. No money required! Here are some suggestions:

  • Swap in the City UK
  • Swap Style
  • Swishing

These are well organized swap events; however, you can also set up your own private event with your friends.

6. Learn for free!

There are many great programs in the UK that offer free online courses. FutureLearn is just one of them. While you will not earn a degree for taking these courses, you will gain a great deal of knowledge and have access to some of the best educational resources available. Other free learning resources include:

  • The
  • Free – Online – Art –

If you want to learn a new language, download free apps such as Busuu and Duolingo.

7. Get free samples!

Take a few moments to write a letter or send an email complimenting your favorite businesses. Before you know it, you’ll be getting samples by post along with coupons for money off. To sweeten the pot, let the companies you write know that you are sharing your praises on your blog or social media sites. Be sure to follow through! Taking this bit of extra effort is sure to gain you more free stuff and coupons.

8. Travel for free!

Earn free credits by referring friends and using only the Uber app when you have built credits. By doing this, you’ll never have to pay high prices to travel by taxi again. You can travel for free around the world by volunteering. Make yourself available as crew on a private vessel by signing up with:

  • CrewBay
  • FindaCrew
  • CrewSeekers

You’ll be working for free, but you’ll also be traveling for free!

9. Enjoy pets for free.

Volunteer with the RSPCA to enjoy playing with cats, walking dogs and helping out at the rescue center. You can also go to Gumtree and use the Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers section.

10. Get free meals in restaurants!

Mystery shoppers visit restaurants and enjoy meals for free. Afterward, they review the restaurants for the purpose of market research. The more reviews you complete and the more reliable your services are, the more work you will get. Mystery shoppers are wanted by top restaurants such as:

  • MarketForce
  • TNS Global
  • GapBuster

There are also many other companies that seek mystery shoppers. Before signing up with any company, be sure to look them up on MSPA to be certain that they are legitimate.

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