featured11 - Things Only a Poker Charity Event Organizer Could Learn
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Things Only a Poker Charity Event Organizer Could Learn

Community organization volunteers are the true heroes. They have been working hard day and night just to reach their organization’s goal and that is to be a good public servant. As they continue with their calling, some of them discover their hidden talents in the long run.

With their left and right fundraising events, some had a revelation that they are good at organizing poker charity events. Do not be surprised if poker is on their agenda, as you know the traditional fundraising does not work anymore and organizations have to think of ways to earn fund for their projects.

Going back, as volunteers found out their strength in organizing gambling events it would be best if we share something’s they’ll eventually learn like the following:

51 - Things Only a Poker Charity Event Organizer Could Learn

1. Poker charity events is a lot of work

As a poker charity event organizer, you’ll eventually find out that being one is a lot of work. Unlike those common jobs, being an event organizer is a lot of fun as these kinds of event are huge and they still have to keep their energy levels high for people to see.

2. Poker charity events requires a lot of patience in waiting

As an organizer, they should be ready for unexpected happenings like balancing tables, color up chips, and more, to the extent that they have to be ready when the blinds are escalating for every 15 minutes. They are instances that they’ll assist players to a table before they break a table.

3. Participants will register up to the last minute

Players will take advantage of the $10 discount but they will wait until the last minute to do so.  Organizers will be able to experience only a few people registering and acquiring discounts on the first few days but end up with many players as the pre-registration has ended.

4. Hire only smart and knowledgeable dealers

As an organizer, they will eventually realize that the majority of their participants are first-time gamblers. They have to get experienced dealers so that they can walk the players on what they have to do and help them understand the rules and regulation of the game.

5. Always provide great entertainment

If they wished to organize a real community event, they should know how to please their crowd. Aside from the fun gambling activities, they should add more activities like watching NCAA on the big screen. By doing so, participants will have to think twice before leaving the game.

Here are just some of the things poker charity organizers could learn as they organize these events for their organization,

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