featured7 - Raise Funds with the Game of Poker
Community fundraise poker

Raise Funds with the Game of Poker

How do you think non-profit organization earns money that can fund their present and future programs? For years, community organizations have been reaching out to the public and asking for support by throwing fundraising events.

When it comes to programs and events, community organizations have replaced the traditional fundraising programs with a fun evening. Charity poker tournaments are the latest trend when it comes to fundraising and Texas Hold’em is the main attraction as it brings in a huge crowd and can produce great profits.

How do organizations pull it off? If you are planning to raise funds with poker, you should read this!

Where to start?

20 - Raise Funds with the Game of Poker

Get started by renting a huge hall where the event will take place. To do so, check your area for local regulations for available locations where you can hold the event. Make sure that the event has a huge capacity for all your guests.

Gather the needed supplies

For the huge poker event you’ll be hosting, you can always rent a table and chairs, and they are instances that party furniture rental stores allow clients to rent event the poker chips, a deck of cards and dealer shoes. For a complete package, you can always call around until you end up with a rental store that offers the following deals. Once you do, you can ensure that you’ll be able to save a lot.

If these supplies are not available in local stores, you can always check it online as they are a lot of websites offering poker items.

Work on your publicity

If you want your event to succeed and attract a lot of poker players, you should work on with your publicity. Come up with a press release where the information like who, what, when, where and how is included and make sure that you are making things clear by stating that the event is for a good cause.

Offer great prices

Attract both professionals and non-professional poker players by offering a grand prize they can never resist. Aside from that, cash prizes in different categories are also recommended.

Raise funds

21 - Raise Funds with the Game of Poker

With a poker tournament, your organization has numerous ways to earn but, that depends on local regulations. You can either collect a percentage from every pot that has been played or you can charge an admission fee.

If you do not enjoy these games yourself, you can always earn funds by selling food, drinks, offering event t-shirt and some poker items. You can also make the event more exciting by organizing raffle promos where the players can win numerous items like a brand new TV and more.

See, organizing a poker tournament is very easy. As you provide all the poker items, you can sit back and enjoy a fun and entertaining night.

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