Sparknetwork is not your ordinary community organization. At the moment, our organization is being managed by 100 volunteers whose mission in life is to serve other people in every way they can and our organization has made that possible.

But what keeps our organization running are the donations we have been receiving from generous people around the globe. We make sure that in our organization, every penny counts. Every penny we receive goes to children and families that are part of our programs.

For years we have been keeping our overhead rate low as we used almost 85% of our total operating expenses on programs that benefit families, children and the whole community. While the remaining 9% goes to our fundraising events and the remaining 6% is for the management.

To keep the organization running, we are organizing numerous fundraising events and we are partnering with third party organizations for our programs greater success. Recently, we have organized a poker charity event were we raise a huge amount of donation that can fund our next programs.

With our efforts we are proud to share that we have helped almost 1000 individuals both child and adults, had constructed 200 homes for poor families, and helped numerous community by giving away livelihood programs.