featured4 464x290 - Extraordinary Health Benefits of Doing Volunteer Works
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Extraordinary Health Benefits of Doing Volunteer Works

Are you looking for a new way to make your time more useful? Perhaps you are planning to do something more worthwhile this weekend than watching a movie? If so, why not dedicate your weekends to volunteer works and check out what Spark Network can offer for your needs? Worthwhile Weekends Most of the time, […]

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What Do We Volunteer and Community Groups Do?

Are you one of those types of people who prefer to give than to receive? Do you take more pleasure in sharing anything you can afford and help others? With the kind of world that we have right now, you can never tell who will come to your aid when you needed it most. Everyone […]

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featured11 - Things Only a Poker Charity Event Organizer Could Learn
gambling Organization poker

Things Only a Poker Charity Event Organizer Could Learn

Community organization volunteers are the true heroes. They have been working hard day and night just to reach their organization’s goal and that is to be a good public servant. As they continue with their calling, some of them discover their hidden talents in the long run.

With their left and right fundraising events, some had a revelation that they are good at organizing poker charity events. Do not be surprised if poker is on their agenda, as you know the traditional fundraising does not work anymore and organizations have to think of ways to earn fund for their projects.

Going back, as volunteers found out their strength in organizing gambling events it would be best if we share something’s they’ll eventually learn like the following:

51 - Things Only a Poker Charity Event Organizer Could Learn

1. Poker charity events is a lot of work

As a poker charity event organizer, you’ll eventually find out that being one is a lot of work. Unlike those common jobs, being an event organizer is a lot of fun as these kinds of event are huge and they still have to keep their energy levels high for people to see.

2. Poker charity events requires a lot of patience in waiting

As an organizer, they should be ready for unexpected happenings like balancing tables, color up chips, and more, to the extent that they have to be ready when the blinds are escalating for every 15 minutes. They are instances that they’ll assist players to a table before they break a table.

3. Participants will register up to the last minute

Players will take advantage of the $10 discount but they will wait until the last minute to do so.  Organizers will be able to experience only a few people registering and acquiring discounts on the first few days but end up with many players as the pre-registration has ended.

4. Hire only smart and knowledgeable dealers

As an organizer, they will eventually realize that the majority of their participants are first-time gamblers. They have to get experienced dealers so that they can walk the players on what they have to do and help them understand the rules and regulation of the game.

5. Always provide great entertainment

If they wished to organize a real community event, they should know how to please their crowd. Aside from the fun gambling activities, they should add more activities like watching NCAA on the big screen. By doing so, participants will have to think twice before leaving the game.

Here are just some of the things poker charity organizers could learn as they organize these events for their organization,

featured10 - Organizing a Successful Poker Charity Event
Organization poker Volunteer

Organizing a Successful Poker Charity Event

Are you a volunteer in an organization? If yes, I salute you for that. What you are doing right now is a great public service because numerous people often think that volunteering on such organizations with a mission to help others is a waste of time. But you, here you are looking for ways to raise money for your good intentions.

Let me help you with that. If you want an event that will attract the crowd, why not organize a charity poker event? First, many people love playing poker and last, its proven effective by many volunteers like you. The best thing about this event is that you have options.

You can organize a tournament or cash game session and you can make it an invitational event or open it to the public for more participants. But, that my friend depends on your available tables and on the venue.

Before we go on, let us tackle the difference between tournaments and cash games.

Poker Tournament

41 - Organizing a Successful Poker Charity Event

When it comes to a poker tournament, it is best if you’ll plan the event ahead of time to ensure that the event will run the way you want it. With all the participants sitting down, it is wise if you can speak to them and talk about the night beneficiaries.

Tips for this type of poker charity event:

  1. Assign an area where the participants can pay their entry fee and table assignments.
  2. Remember to ask your co-volunteers to assist 1 table each for the setup, general management and for cleanup.
  3. As you set things up, make sure to double check the chip stacks before all the players have sat down.
  4. Make sure to prepare both a blind structure and a prize structure in advance. Make use of a projector for the tournament information.

Cash Games

42 - Organizing a Successful Poker Charity Event

This option is said to be a lot simpler as each hand is raked with a pre-defined percentage of the pot. The monies collected will be gathered together at the end of the event to be donated to charity. The best thing about this event is that it only requires less micromanagement as the evening goes by.

Tips for this type of poker games:

  1. Make sure that they are 2 decks of cards on each table and make sure that your co-volunteers are ready to deal and shuffle.
  2. Assign someone to collect the money on each table to make sure that he is trustworthy.
  3. Make sure to set-up some rules for both minimum and maximum buy-ins.

What are you waiting for? Choose the kind of event you want to organize and from there, be surprised on the huge amount your event can raise.

betting tip Paddy Power

Betting Tip: Switzerland vs Costa Rica

Switzerland take on Costa Rica in the final round of matches in Group E, with the European side knowing that a win will secure their place in the knockout stages of this summer’s World Cup in Russia. With the Swiss coming into the game unbeaten from their two opening matches, the emphasis will be on Vladimir Petković’s men to go all-out for victory in Nizhny Novgorod.

2018 World Cup – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod – Wednesday 27th June – 1:00 UK Time

Match Preview

Action concludes in Group E with Switzerland looking to confirm their place in the Round of 16 with a win over Costa Rica on Wednesday evening. Petkovic’s side are unbeaten from their opening two matches in Russia, meaning that they are the firm favourites to come out on top against their Central American opponents. However, there are still plenty of betting markets worth checking out beforehand, with those still unsure of who to back ahead of kick-off recommended to check out our top betting tip below. However, let’s first take a closer look at the two teams, starting with Switzerland.

Switzerland Team News & Form

Switzerland followed up their impressive draw against tournament favourites Brazil with a last-gasp win over rivals Serbia, meaning that they are in a good position to qualify for the knockout stage of the competition. English-based duo Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri scored against Serbia last time around, with manager Petkovic likely to stick with the same starting line-up that featured from the off. FIFA chose not to ban three Swiss players following their celebrations against Serbia.

Costa Rica Team News & Form

Costa Rica have no injury concerns ahead of kick-off, however the Central American’s know that they have nothing more than pride to play for on Wednesday. Arsenal man Joel Campbell is likely to return to the starting line-up having not been used against Brazil last time around, while manager Óscar Ramírez potentially taking charge of the national team for the last time.

Head to Head

The two nations have met just twice in the past, with both Switzerland and Costa Rica having one win to their name from such encounters. Switzerland came out on top when the duo met in a four-team tournament back in 2006, however it was Costa Rica who gained revenge with a 1-0 friendly success in 2010. However, with the duo having not met for over eight years, few conclusions can be made from their head-to-head record.

Betting Odds and Predictions

Given their performances during World Cup qualifying and in Russia so far, it perhaps comes as little surprise that Switzerland are the firm favourites for victory on Wednesday with the majority of major online bookmakers. The Swiss are available to back at odds of 8/11 with William Hill, while Costa Rica are priced at 11/2 on the same platform to claim their first victory in Russia. Meanwhile, a draw after 90 minutes is also available at 12/5 with a Paddy Power review.

Top Betting Tip

However, our top betting tip for the match is to bet on under 2.5 goals being scored during the 90 minutes in Nizhny Novgorod, a market is available at a best price of 8/13 with Ladbrokes.

featured9 - Gambling Event for a Charitable Cause
Community gambling solicitation

Gambling Event for a Charitable Cause

Lots of charitable organization these are actually raising their funds by organizing a gambling event. Although gambling with a purpose has great intentions and that is to help others. Little that they know that what they think is a small event can trigger their states solicitation laws.

In general, most states have their own law when it comes to regulating solicitation even for charitable purposes. What is solicitation? According to the dictionary, it is a respectful request using only formal application. This request can be applied in selling and requesting the public to attend a party or other forms of entertainment like gambling.

Although solicitation is normal for organizations, they might find it hard to comply with the states charitable solution law. The charitable solicitation laws differ from one state to another. With such law, the government is asking organizations to register on specifically on agencies such as the Office of the Attorney General as the organization engaged in a solicitation.

Aside from that, community organizations are required to file annual reports with the state agency and ensure that the solicitation is properly disclosed to the donors and potential donors. Aside from the charitable solicitation law that differs from one state to another, certain concepts are common to all such as,

A. Ideal organization

31 - Gambling Event for a Charitable Cause

There is what we call as charitable gambling exception and that is only applicable to non-profit organizations that are created for public interest and for religious purposes like, conducting religious activities, it should benefit the veterans of armed forces and to promote the welfare of the poor and aged.

B. Authorized Games approved by the state

32 - Gambling Event for a Charitable Cause

The authorized games for charitable events include the following: bingo, raffles pull tabs, and drawings. In most states, they are prohibiting organizations from conducting the traditional casino games such as craps, roulette, slot machines and blackjack.

C. Other important restrictions

33 - Gambling Event for a Charitable Cause

The proceeds of the gambling event must be used for charitable or religious purposes. With the addition to that, some states limit the area where the event can be played. It can only be played within the physical location of the Eligible organization or to the area leased by the organization. As the state review the appropriateness of the area, some state like New York is requiring that local municipalities must also approve the charity event.

Although gambling activities are a great idea in capturing people’s attention and effective on raising funds, organizations should remember that they have federal and state restrictions to follow or else they could end up facing grave penalties.

featured8 - Come Up with a Viral Fundraising Campaign, How?
gambling Organization poker

Come Up with a Viral Fundraising Campaign, How?

Last 2014, everybody was fascinated with a viral fundraising video. Can you still remember the Ice Bucket College? That viral video was a huge not only one country but it has thousands of versions around the world. The best part is the viral video was created with a greater purpose and for charitable reasons.

After that, every organization has been thinking of making the next viral fundraising video. But, it does not mean that it is the only viral fundraising video that succeeded. Numerous viral campaigns have found success over the past years and that’s all thanks to the presence of the Internet. At the present, the trendies when it comes fundraising are the poker gambling game tournament. Many organizations have been using it to turn a boring fundraising event to a night your guests won’t forget as it is full of fun, excitement and is very entertaining everyone who attended will have a great time.

If you are planning to make a viral fundraising campaign about poker tournament, you should take note of the following:

1. Simplicity is the key to your campaign message

As you create a message for your viral campaign, make sure that the message is simple and easily understood by all. If the campaign message is hard to explain, it won’t spread that fast, but, if the message is simple, many people show interest in your campaign.

2. It should include the word “ask”

In my opinion, the Ice Bucket challenged was a great success due to its international exposure and to the thousands of people who take the challenge. In your case, your goal is to raise funds and not ask people to take the challenge. If you want the public to take you seriously, you must ensure that your campaign is asking for the donation and each participant.

3. Ask only for a small amount

If you want your viral campaign to be the talk of the town, ask for a reasonable amount of donation. If you ask the public to donate $150, they will find it hard to donate such huge amount and pass it on friends. Donation ranging $5 to $25 is enough.

4. The campaign should contain a “Hook”

What is a hook? You can say that it’s something in your campaign that is fun and shareable. For instance, the Ice Bucket challenge’s hook is that after the challenge, the participant is able to choose 2-3 people that will take the challenge. For a poker fundraising video, you can ask your friends to play poker with you and once someone loses; he or she should be replaced by someone else without breaking the chain of the game.

5. Aim for superb visuals

The final ingredient is that the campaign should have great visuals. This only means that if you want your viral campaign to be viral, it should be easily explained in photos and through videos as well. Believe it or not, your viewers are very much attracted to videos where they can see their friends and family participate.

As you start to create your viral poker fundraising campaign, please keep the following things in mind to ensure that your video will go viral and your mission to raise funds through poker will be a huge success.

featured7 - Raise Funds with the Game of Poker
Community fundraise poker

Raise Funds with the Game of Poker

How do you think non-profit organization earns money that can fund their present and future programs? For years, community organizations have been reaching out to the public and asking for support by throwing fundraising events.

When it comes to programs and events, community organizations have replaced the traditional fundraising programs with a fun evening. Charity poker tournaments are the latest trend when it comes to fundraising and Texas Hold’em is the main attraction as it brings in a huge crowd and can produce great profits.

How do organizations pull it off? If you are planning to raise funds with poker, you should read this!

Where to start?

20 - Raise Funds with the Game of Poker

Get started by renting a huge hall where the event will take place. To do so, check your area for local regulations for available locations where you can hold the event. Make sure that the event has a huge capacity for all your guests.

Gather the needed supplies

For the huge poker event you’ll be hosting, you can always rent a table and chairs, and they are instances that party furniture rental stores allow clients to rent event the poker chips, a deck of cards and dealer shoes. For a complete package, you can always call around until you end up with a rental store that offers the following deals. Once you do, you can ensure that you’ll be able to save a lot.

If these supplies are not available in local stores, you can always check it online as they are a lot of websites offering poker items.

Work on your publicity

If you want your event to succeed and attract a lot of poker players, you should work on with your publicity. Come up with a press release where the information like who, what, when, where and how is included and make sure that you are making things clear by stating that the event is for a good cause.

Offer great prices

Attract both professionals and non-professional poker players by offering a grand prize they can never resist. Aside from that, cash prizes in different categories are also recommended.

Raise funds

21 - Raise Funds with the Game of Poker

With a poker tournament, your organization has numerous ways to earn but, that depends on local regulations. You can either collect a percentage from every pot that has been played or you can charge an admission fee.

If you do not enjoy these games yourself, you can always earn funds by selling food, drinks, offering event t-shirt and some poker items. You can also make the event more exciting by organizing raffle promos where the players can win numerous items like a brand new TV and more.

See, organizing a poker tournament is very easy. As you provide all the poker items, you can sit back and enjoy a fun and entertaining night.

featured6 - Advantages of Corporate Volunteer Programs on Companies
Career Organization Volunteer

Advantages of Corporate Volunteer Programs on Companies

With our job schedule and day to day duties, making time for other things can be hard at first. It takes some adjustments to get used to and sometimes a little sacrifice. However, if you would analyze the advantages of fitting volunteer works in your busy schedule, you will realize how it can be a great help to you and your community.

While you help a community, you also help improve your career in the most humble way. Thus, more and more companies are doing their best to develop their own volunteer programs. This way, their employees can also experience the fantastic feeling of dedicating some of their time to help others. At the same time, volunteer programs help companies to maintain their loyal employees and welcome more applicants.

If you want to know more why including corporate volunteer programs add plus points to companies, below are the top reasons why.

Keeping Employees

Good employees stay because they find pride in the company they work in but great employees stay because of the company and the volunteer programs they are involved in to help others. Companies do not only keep great employees but improve their employee engagement rates as well. Over the years, it has been tested and proven that the rates of employee engagement are highly important.

The higher employee engagement is the lower chance that employees will resign. In the long run, companies save more when estimating the total cost they have to shoulder when replacing employees.

Recruiting Employees

Every company wants to attract and hire the best applicants that they can get in the industry. Companies boast themselves with the benefits and bonuses they offer which applicants find cliché. On the other hand, volunteer programs for employees can improve their status in the market. It can attract more applicants who share the same passion for the company and the community which makes them a company asset.

Increasing Purpose of Work

It is typical to see employees enthusiastic and full of energy in their first weeks in work. But are they still the same enthusiastic and optimistic employees after years of doing the same thing every day? Nothing is boring and tiresome if you put your passion in it but everyone needs a little break. Volunteer programs can do that for employees but diverting their attention from other things aside from work and stress.

It allows them to feel that they do not only work for the company or to earn paychecks for their living but also to help in the charitable cause. It also encourages employees to contribute to the company’s success. This positive purpose in employees work affects the companies’ productivity.

Developing Skills

Volunteer programs help employees to develop new skills which also improve their job performance. Thus, many professionals approve of volunteer programs as a way to improve the leadership skills of each employee.

These are the advantages that companies can relish which also works great with employees in various workplaces. Companies who value transparency and social responsibilities also tend to attract more employees who are willing to be involved in volunteer programs.

Follow us for more info!

info2 - Advantages of Corporate Volunteer Programs on Companies
Infographic by: jsdaw.com
featured5 - Career Breaks in Voluntary and Community Groups
Career Organization Volunteer

Career Breaks in Voluntary and Community Groups

For most of us, our career and goals in life are influenced by home and school. Some start to unravel their future plans by completing the puzzle of their life in grade school or high school. Some tend to finish a course in college but end up being successful in another path because of their later experiences in school.

But have you tried to stop and think about the outside world for a while? Have you tried venturing a world outside your home and school to help the community? Voluntary and Community Groups that the Spark Network help promote are just some of the least noticed groups where many people benefit from every year. As a matter of fact, one of the best things that people in these groups get is the ability to build their future plans and receive career breaks.

Volunteering continues to become a life-saving answer for those people who not only feel lost and insecure but also suffer from various mental and physical illnesses. A volunteer works help them find the right path by looking at the bright side of the alley. Whatever is your age, you can volunteer for education, professional advantage, and so much more.

School and College Experiences

11 - Career Breaks in Voluntary and Community Groups

For grade school kids, volunteering boosts their social skills while developing awareness among them. High school students gain extra credits in their college applications for putting their volunteer work in resumes, all the while discovering their hidden talents and passion. Lastly, college students develop new skills and gain more job opportunities even before they graduate.

There’s always a volunteer work that can suit you if want to serve even without paychecks. If someone noticed your involvement in community service, would you miss the chance to accept a great offer? There are unlimited offers out there are waiting for you so grab them as soon as possible!

Job Prospect

12 - Career Breaks in Voluntary and Community Groups

Now that we’re in the 21st century, researchers have found out that some of the most common characteristics of employees are being socially-aware and civic-minded. Because of these, they tend to choose careers that mirror the values they live with. They also tend to put their money, time and skills on charities. In fact, more than 50% of Millenials share their skills to different charities.

However, it is their list of total hours dedicated to volunteer works which made them in-demand in the job market. Being flexible and optimistic became their top assets in many workplaces.

Corporate Communities

13 - Career Breaks in Voluntary and Community Groups

As a growing trend in the world, many companies today are also beginning to support non-profit community groups by creating their own volunteer programs for their employees. Thus, more people become part of this honorable work over the years.

Now, are you thinking about doing volunteer works too in your community? Aside from gaining a bunch of new friends and connection from different industries, volunteering adds color to your back and white life. It adds more fun which can make you feel way younger and energetic. So what are you waiting for? Make a move now and see where your good deeds will lead you in the future!

featured4 - Extraordinary Health Benefits of Doing Volunteer Works
Health Organization Volunteer

Extraordinary Health Benefits of Doing Volunteer Works

Are you looking for a new way to make your time more useful? Perhaps you are planning to do something more worthwhile this weekend than watching a movie? If so, why not dedicate your weekends to volunteer works and check out what Spark Network can offer for your needs?

Worthwhile Weekends

Most of the time, people are drifting aimlessly everywhere without even realizing it. They wake up each day doing the same old thing thinking that they are born for it when in fact, they are wasting their precious time on worthless things. Surely, you might be getting paychecks every month from doing it to make your living. But the important question is, are you happy? Are you really satisfied with what you do every day?

If you think the answer is no, volunteer works that Voluntary and Community Groups can offer might be the answer to your question. Not everyone may enjoy working for free, but for experienced volunteers, what they get in return is more worthy than getting dollar signs. Being a volunteer in a community group can give you tons of benefits that you can ever think of. Specifically, it can provide you with extraordinary health benefits!


As Spark Network and other organizations spread awareness to people, more and more teenagers and young adults are getting the message. By joining as a volunteer worker, they build their self-esteem and eventually, their self-worth. Considering that most teenagers are prone to face a lot of issues regarding self-esteem, non-profit organizations can be a “life-saving” answer.

Upholds Life Longevity

Did you know that keeping both your mental and physical health in check can boost your overall health? Long-term volunteers tend to enjoy longer lives with fewer illnesses. Overall, they are healthier and full of life. As a matter of fact, a report from the National Service says that those volunteers in the U.S. who work more than 100 hours a year are some of the “healthiest people” who live.

Lower Prone to Alzheimer’s disease

For the past ten years, Alzheimer’s disease has become one of the most common diseases that people fear of. Millions of people worldwide fear this disease especially women which is why organizations encourage people to join them. According to a research conducted by the National Service in the U.S. volunteer workers can lower their risk of getting an Alzheimer’s disease.

Aging Gracefully

As volunteers keep in touch with the community and their co-volunteers, they never ran out of activities while they grow older. Keeping in touch with others and being active physically improves the way they see and embrace life.

Volunteering does not only keep volunteers mentally and physically active, it helps them maintain a good shape and feel younger. Just imagine seeing a group of people from different age brackets working and bonding together. The young ones and the old ones exchange experiences, lessons, and wisdom for the sake of helping others and themselves.

If you want to be one of them, join us now!

featured3 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering
Community Actions Organization Volunteer

Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

Providing service doesn’t always mean you intend an incentive in return. Sometimes, providing services without expecting anything in return comes with more pleasure and fulfillment. Just take volunteer works for instance.

Have you tried doing a volunteer work before? If so, how does it feel? For volunteers, the most common thing that they feel afterward can be summed up in one word “fantastic”. Whether helping others is not the usual thing that you love doing, you might be surprised how it can magically lighten up your mood and make you feel appreciated.

Doing volunteer works with Voluntary and Community Groups or other third sector organization helps people to make a difference. No matter how small it is, volunteers and organizations are always warmed by seeing the satisfied faces and smiles of the people or community they helped. A lot of people apply for and accept volunteer works for various reasons. They don’t receive a salary from supporting an activity for a cause or for engaging with the community but they learn many lessons.

Inspiring Lessons from Doing Volunteer Works

1. Building a Community

1 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

One of the first things that you can learn from doing volunteer works is building a community. When you work with other people with the same goal in mind, you help strengthen your community. You also strengthen your social network by connecting with your co-volunteers and the community.

2. Eliminating Isolation

2 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

Isolation and sadness are one of the least things that other sectors are concerned about which is why Spark Network is here. Voluntary and Community Groups encourage everyone to join them help others and eliminate their sadness and isolation at the same time. If you know someone who feels this way, help them reverse it by recommending them to volunteer.

3. Improving Social Life

3 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

Typically, the positive effect of doing volunteer works can be seen right away in the volunteers’ social life. It can help you build a long-term connection with the people you work with all the while improving your physical and mental health. Socializing lowers the risk of developing an anxiety or depression towards volunteers.

4. Encourages Bonding and Friendship

4 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

As you work with other volunteers and the community, you create a stronger bond with them. Whether they are your co-workers, relatives, or just random people with the same goal, you build a connection with them. At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised that you already made tons of friends without even realizing it!

5. Emotional Stability

5 - Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Volunteering

The feeling of connection helps a lot in many ways. If you are feeling lost or facing other emotional issues, volunteering can help you focus and find your sense of purpose.

Believe it or not, volunteering can teach you on how to build your self-confidence, and find your self-worth. Imagine waking up for days or weeks without a clear goal or destination in life. Consider these lessons that volunteer works can provide to you and make up your mind.